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If you are planning to vacate your apartment, please fill out the following form or click here to download the Adobe PDF version and fill it out.

Please see our Guidelines for Return of Security Deposit.

Lease Expiration:

To Whom It May Concern:

You are advised that the undersigned will vacate the above mentioned premises on:
for the following reasons:

The date given is a definite vacating date, and you are hereby authorized to enter the apartment to show to prospective tenants by appointment. Please contact me at
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
My forwarding address is:

I understand that I am responsible to pay rent through:
and my security deposit cannot be applied to rent. All property must be removed from my storage unit and the apartment, and all keys returned to the office by my stated date.
Signature: ***
Email Address:

*** By submitting this form, you are submitting a "virtual signature" verifying that the above is true and correct. Any form filled out and sent to us via email with a virtual signature will be considered a signed document and you will be bound by any terms and conditions set forth in the document itself.

1. The resident agrees that the security deposit may not be applied as rent at any time.
2. The deposit will be returned to the resident within 4 weeks after vacating the apartment.
3. A written notice of intent to vacate must be given a full calendar month prior to vacating the apartment.
4. All keys are to be returned to the rental office or manager.
5. There are no unpaid amounts due including rent, late charges, maintenance charges, etc.
6. There is no damage to the apartment beyond normal wear and tear as determined by the management.
7. The entire kitchen including range, refrigerator, dishwasher, range hood, fan, counters, closets and cupboards are in a satisfactory and clean condition. The refrigerator must be defrosted, unplugged and open.
8. All rubbish, furniture and discards have been removed from the apartment, storage bin and exterior deck and deposited in the proper trash containers.
9. Carpets (if applicable) and floors must be vacuumed and damp mopped.
10. Kitchen and bath floors must be vacuumed and damp mopped.
11. All fixtures including mirrors, medicine cabinets, shower, tub enclosure, toilet and vanity must be cleaned with appropriate cleanser. Fiberglass tubs are to be cleaned only with non-abrasive cleanser, such as Bon-Ami.
12. All of the following items (if applicable) must remain in the apartment: Broiler pan, ice cube trays, butter dish, TV antenna connectors, traverse rods, sink stoppers, window screens and A/C.
13. Walls and ceilings - damages to surfaces to include but not be limited to cracks and holes. A minimum charge of $10.00 per square foot per occurrence will be levied.
14. A complete forwarding address must be given to the apartment manager.
If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please contact our office immediately.